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Some of our most beloved vendors for our products are the ones that we will return to again and again for two reasons. The first and most important reason is because they provide a quality product / supply at a fair price and secondly they have low shipping charge. They make my life and im sure yours much mores simpler

Recently I was scouring the internet for the perfect gift for my husband.  I came across so many great online vendors and products that were met with abandoned carts. Why? because I got "Shipping shocked".  "Very similar to sticker shock".  Its when you get to the check out and find out that the $3.99 personalized card cost $4.99 to ship.  If you like an item well enough I supposed you'd buy but you hesitate none the less.  Perhaps if your like me, sometimes you add more to the cart  to balance everything out.  Inevitably I decided just to pick up something while making a local Target run abandoning the whole personalized gift ideal all together. Bummer.  

Shipping charges are not fun but a necessary part of eCommerce. With a slight rise in shipping fees at the beginning of 2018 I hated that I too have to raise my rates. I want to  make buying from me easier. so here is what I'm willing to do.

I, like most vendors am benefiting from commercial rates because of the large volume of shipping that I do. Every vendor is different in the discount amount they get.  I want to pass my lower commercial rates to you. Making these adjustments on the back end of my site will take some time. However,  in the meantime I will refund anything in excess of $1 over the price that I pay until th-  e rates are automatically adjusted. I hope that this transparency will allow for you to make your choices easier on our site and become a reoccurring customer. 

**Wholesale orders** If you would like the shipping rates to be tallied prior to ordering, you may do so upon request. We need to know the suggested amount of products ordered along with your address.  We will give the best rate based upon your preferred carrier or our lowest ground carrier 

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